Chocolate Makes Everything Better...

festive occasions

The Festive Season

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements for the Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, New Year celebrations. We would customize the chocolate ensemble and mix to suit your requirement. We can execute large orders while retaining the charm of personalized touch. On your request we would arrange to deliver the chocolates to your friends and associates anywhere within the country. Please allow us 2 weeks to plan and execute large orders if the quantity exceeds 100 boxes.


personal occasions

Personal Celebrations

We believe that Parriez Handcrafted Gourmet Chocolates bring, charm, grace and happiness to all those personal moments in life when you celebrate with your friends and family. We make fresh chocolates to service orders anywhere in the country. It is our promise that Parriez are always hand crafted under personally supervised conditions, using the finest ingredients, handpicked by our Master Chocolatier. Our chocolates are not available in retail stores. We freshly pack and promptly deliver.


corporate occasions

For Clients & Colleagues

We have conducted extensive blind tests among prospective consumers and connoisseurs using the finest selection of international chocolates.They have consistently rated Parriez to be the preferred brand. We truly believe that sincerity and promise makes us the right partners for you to gift Parriez chocolates, the right token of appreciation for your clients and associates. To personalize your gift besides customozed box, we could also imprint your logo / message on white chocolate.


The Parriez Story

Conceived by Praveen Grover, a marine engineer by qualification and a chocolate aficionado at heart, “PARRIEZ - Gourmet Handcrafted Chocolates” creates handcrafted chocolate truffles and soft-centered pralines.

Prepared with the best ingredients and a wide range of tempting flavors, these chocolates are cauldron-fresh and a gourmet’s delight.

PARRIEZ chocolates can also be presented in custom packages to match your special occasions. Unravel infinite possibilities to indulge yourself.


The Chocolatier

Praveen Grover, the Chocolatier

Praveen Grover - Master Chocolatier

Just as Obelix, the Gaul fell into a Cauldron full of Magic Potion making him invincible; it could well be the case, that Praveen Grover, too may have fallen into a Chocolate Cauldron as an infant, making him today, the magical Master Chocolatier at Parriez.

He has travelled the world as a Marine Engineer. As a banker and later as entrepreneur running educational institutes, making golf gloves and dispensing pizzas he lost count of business meetings he attended across. It did not take him long. He knew something was always missing.

It was during a visit to the chocolate museum in Dooblin, (as Irish folks prefer to call Dublin ) years ago, that he quietly resolved, to one day, drop it all and to just make chocolates with his own hands and heart. It has taken him more than fifteen years of assiduous work, to develop a premium range of handcrafted gourmet chocolates that after several years of tasting among friends and connoisseurs, are now ready for the world to try.

E-mail Praveen at

"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."

Linda Grayson

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hur​t.”

Charles M. Schulz

Its hard to find words to describe these lovely pieces of chocolates.
Lissn Paavdn

Rennu Dhindsa

Exquisite Chocolates
Monika Rai Mittal

Really lovely taste
Ugyue G Phel

Wonderful ! Great taste.
Anandita Sen

For special gifting

Absolutely Divine
Kiran Thapar

Best chocolates ever had…

Inkeri Siekkinen - First lady - Finland Embassy

Awesome !
Leenna Dheer

Loved it !!!

Lovely !!
Priya Sabharwal

What pleasure….
Deepika Jindal

Super Flavor !!!

Outstanding Chocolates !!!

Excellent Blueberry chocolate !
Dr. Lopa Das


Mouth melting  -- Yumm--
Manmeet Kaur

Fabulous stuff
Piyush Gupta

Really awesome at taste.
Aiswarya  Iyengar

Goood !
Prerna Grover

!!! Excellent !!
Ziva Rubin

Great Chocs and keep up the efforts.
Col. Thinloey Dorji

Coffee chocolate is just awesome


How to Order

We take great pride in understanding and fulfilling bespoke orders. If you have a large order quantity in mind for a special occasion, we would be delighted for you to personally visit us. You could sample and taste our full ensemble together and then our Master Chocolatier would help you decide your final selection. We would be truly excited to host you to discuss large orders for festivals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or appreciation for your business partners or office colleagues. 


Choose Your Packing

Parriez Handcrafted Gourmet Chocolates are available in the following pack sizes.

2x2 2x3 3x4 3x6 5x5 5x7

1.   2x2 (4 chocolate pieces) ---- INR 250/-

2.  2x3 (6 chocolate pieces) ---- INR 300/-

3.  3x4 (12 chocolate pieces) --- INR 600/-

4.  3x6 (18 chocolate pieces) --- INR 900/-

5.  5x5 (25 chocolate pieces) --- INR 1250/-

6.  5x7 (35 chocolate pieces) ---INR  1750/-


Please drop in an e-mail at or call Praveen at +91-9810116837 to discuss your requirements. 


  • All prices are exclusive of GST. ( Current GST rate 18%. GST No. 06AADPG8949B1ZU )
  • Delivery charges extra as applicable on actuals.
  • For a large order we require 2 weeks time to deliver after confirmation of order in writing.
  • For large orders we can also imprint with edible ink your logo / photo / message on white chocolate.
  • We can also service bespoke orders with prior discussions and agreements - quantity, ensemble, pack design, delivery period and prices would be finalized.
  • For large orders we would request 50% of the payment as advance at the time of confirming the order and balance on confirmed delivery.
  • FSSAI : 20820005002362

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: What is different about Parriez Chocolates?

Answer: Parriez Chocolates are always fresh. You could say Parriez Chocolates are always 'cauldron fresh'. That is a promise and a guarantee. We only process small batches once we receive a confirmed order and then we promptly deliver. These are not available in retail stores.

Q: How do your chocolates compare with other gourmet chocolates?

Answer: We have done extensive blind testing among connoisseurs and prospective customers. We tested Parriez with the comparable chocolates available at leading retail stores, duty free outlets and online channels We have significantly and consistently come out as the most preferred chocolates. You may try this at home. We are always cauldron fresh and no one can match that. We only make against private orders and promptly dispatch to our customers directly. And we are less than half the price charged by these international brands in retail stores, duty free outlets and online. They can never match our handcrafting. They can never take and fulfill bespoke orders.

Q: So people outside Delhi NCR cannot order these chocolates?

Answer: Off course you can, if you have a sufficiently large order, say around 100 boxes or more, we would make special arrangements to deliver our chocolates, with prior planning and arrangements. We would have to charge delivery and related expenses extra on actual cost basis.

Q: So who have been on your client list in the past?

Answer: Amongst them partial list includes - Softage Information Technology Limited, Arrows Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., Alchemist Career Enhancement Pvt.Ltd, Daurala Organics – DCM, Arrows Global Services India Pvt. Ltd., ICG Medical India (P) Ltd., Finland Embassy, Denmark Embassy, Quintessentially lifestyle services India Pvt Ltd., SKC Consulting, Quolam Business Solutions, Radiant Hues CRM Solutions, The Real Image Company, Macquarie Bank, Compass Group Support Services Pvt.Ltd.,Libra International Limited, Sanicon Sustainability Solutions  Pvt.Ltd., Saksham Plumbing Pvt.Ltd., Life N Colors, Amit Marbles Pvt Ltd., Luxottica India Eyeware Pvt.Ltd., AIW Media Pvt Ltd., Consortium Gifts Pvt.Ltd., Anglian Medal Hunt, Reliance Defence Limited, Grow More Hitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pelvic Health Institute Pvt.Ltd., Innovative Design Associates, Radius Logistic Pvt.Ltd., AccMan Services Pvt.Ltd, Force Logistics Pvt.Ltd., Armani Exchange, Veena Enterprises, Be Now Inspired Pvt. Ltd., Four Seven, IDFC Bank, Dainik Bhaskar Corp. Ltd., Axis Diesel International, Brompton Private limited, TCM Advisory Pvt.Ltd., Pioneer Client Associates Pvt.Ltd., M Live and Promotions Pvt.Ltd., Genesis La Mode Pvt Ltd., Louis Vuitton India Retail Pvt.Ltd., Your Nest, Capital Advisors Pvt.Ltd., The Organizers.....And plenty of people for the Weddings, Events, Festivals and also self indulgence.

Q: Does media recognize Parriezs' good job?

Answer: Yes Well it is humbly submitted that in its edition "BUSINESS STANDARD" in article dated 01.03.2019 listed Parriez as one the best five Chocolatiers in India. The link Copy and paste the link to browser bar to view.

While "THE WEEK" magazine in article dated 24.06.2018 speak abudantly about our bespoke chocolate collection.The link Copy and paste the link to browser bar to view.

Q: I received a box with 25 chocolates in it, but I understand that you have other sizes?

Answer: Yes we have various sizes. There are standard box sizes on offer with four, six, twelve, eighteen, twenty five and thirty five chocolates units. We could look at other sizes too and this may require for you come visit us at our studio and we could work out a customized package. That would require a longer lead time to plan. Please browse through our website to know more and write to us. We would be happy to set up meeting at our studio

Q: I received a box with 25 chocolates in it with six different flavours but I understand that you have more on offer?

Answer: Yes. We currently offer twenty different flavours in the Parriez ensemble. We will develop more. Please browse our website to know more about our current range of flavours. You are very welcome to contact us and arrange a tasting session at our studio to experience the range of our flavours.

Q: How many flavours could I order in a box?

Answer: That depends on the box that you wish to order and the overall order size. Generally we could accommodate between 3 - 7 different in a box depending on size of the order. This again could be a matter of discussions and planning at a meeting in our studio. For large order we remain flexible and work to satisfy our customers who wish to place large orders and give us sufficient time to plan.

Q: Can you print a message, a tattoo or a logo on the chocolates?

Answer: Ideally we would like to keep the chocolates the way they are, handcrafted, gourmet and fresh. We are open to the idea of say providing one centre piece chocolate in a box, which could carry a logo or a tattoo of your choice. This would be a white chocolate. There would be no extra charge for this, but we would expect a minimum quantity of 20 boxes to fulfill this  requirement.

Q: Are you able to provide a different packaging or a box made to our design and colours?

Answer: Yes we certainly can. However that would require for us to meet, discuss and make the necessary arrangements. We may advise you on some minimum functional aspects about packaging so as to ensure that the chocolates remain fresh and unharmed. These are very delicate, handcrafted chocolates and they require great care while packing, storing, transporting and delivering. We will guide you.

Q: Do you only make small bite size chocolates? What about bars? or other shapes?

Answer: We currently make only bite size, pralines (lovingly called bon bons). With a rich creamy and smooth centre filling. That is our signature chocolate and most loved by our consumers. We will in due course of time make other fun shapes including bars.

Q: Can I order online?

Answer: Yes you may. send us an email with your requirements. But we prefer that you call us directly so that we are able to understand your requirements better.

Q: Do you make dark chocolates with 70% or more cocoa content?

Answer: Yes we can with prior discussions and perhaps a tasting session. We will in due course of time come out with a range of Artissimo range of chocolates which would be made to specially delight those discerning connoisseurs who seek, dark, bitter and highest cocoa content. We will for sure. We have just got started with a range of handcrafted gourmet chocolates.

Q: What are you prices like? How do they compare with other premium chocolates?

Answer: We have specified the price range in our website. Please note that prices could be arrived at after fully understanding your overall order size, flavour mix, and other requirements that may need customization. Please remember that packaging in itself is an important component of the unit price. We are soon coming out with another more functional pack variants for those who seek comfort in their unit price. Please also note that our chocolates are using the finest ingredients and delivered fresh and that they cost less than half the price of comparable chocolates brands available internationally.

Q: If I want can I become a sales ambassador for Parriez chocolates?

Answer: Yes indeed. We would be delighted to sit down and discuss the terms with you. We already have a large number of very interesting conversations ongoing. Happy to include you in this. Just let us know. Call or drop in an e-mail.