The Chocolatier

Praveen Grover, the Chocolatier

Praveen Grover - Master Chocolatier

Just as Obelix, the Gaul fell into a Cauldron full of Magic Potion making him invincible; it could well be the case, that Praveen Grover, too may have fallen into a Chocolate Cauldron as an infant, making him today, the magical Master Chocolatier at Parriez.

He has travelled the world as a Marine Engineer. As a banker and later as entrepreneur running educational institutes, making golf gloves and dispensing pizzas he lost count of business meetings he attended across. It did not take him long. He knew something was always missing.

It was during a visit to the chocolate museum in Dooblin, (as Irish folks prefer to call Dublin ) years ago, that he quietly resolved, to one day, drop it all and to just make chocolates with his own hands and heart. It has taken him more than fifteen years of assiduous work, to develop a premium range of handcrafted gourmet chocolates that after several years of tasting among friends and connoisseurs, are now ready for the world to try.

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